The medicare advantage plans differ from one county to another. There are different plans for each network. Medicare advantage plans provide the extra added benefit that Original Medicare lacks. It fills up all the holes with its premium service provided by privately-owned companies. Here is a list of medicare advantage plans that are popular in England.

1. Humana Gold Plus HF 619-111 (HMO)
With a $0 monthly premium, Humana gold Plus plan is a budget-friendly choice. They have a limit of $4500 on out-of-pocket expenses. Along with providing benefits like dental, vision, and over the counter benefits, the gold plus plan also offers a wide range of fitness centre benefits, located all over their network. However, they do not provide Part D of medical care, that is prescription drugs.

2. Humana Value Plus H5619-109 (HMO)
With a 4.7 rating, this plan tops the chart. Starting at $18.80 monthly premium these plans offer a good deal at what they are priced. You need to pay a 20% coinsurance if you visit a specialist which is much less than the fixed amount other plans charge. The inpatient hospital care provides a stay for unlimited days, charging $0 day four onwards. It covers prescription drugs and provides a deductible amount of $420. A major advantage of the value plus plan is it covers all of your transportation costs. Whether you visit your doctor, your pharmacy, or an unscheduled hospital visit all of the expenses would be taken care of.

3. Humana Choice H5216-083 (PPO)
Starting at a whopping $75 monthly premium, the choice plan covers almost all of your expenses and you do not have to spend out of your pocket. The plan defines an out-of-pocket maximum of $6700. It also provides plan D of the medicare plan and gives a fixed deductible amount of prescription drugs. It provides other benefits such as dental, gyms, fitness centres, and much more. They cover a huge range of lab tests as well as radiology tests which is one of the major benefits of the choice plan.  Enroll in Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g.

4. United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Choice Plan 2
This 4 stars rated plan is your average popular plan that provides most of the services at a fair price. They take care of you in network acute as well as psychiatric hospital stay at $0 after day six. They provide prescription drugs as well. An amount of $295 is deposited which stands deductible for your prescription drug needs. However, they do not provide the fitness centre or the transportation services which are provided by other plans.