Horse riding holidays, take your horse on holiday, unaccompanied childrens riding holiday’s

Our holiday 4 star holiday accommodation is close to the riding centre but screened from the equestrian centre, amazing views are on offer to your horse holiday padocks and stable, it all adds up to a perfect horse riding holiday!
Non horse riders are just as welcome, being only 7 miles from Skegness we are close to so many holiday attractions, golf, karting, shootoing to name but a few, the whole familly can enjoy there time at Orchard Farm horse riding holidays. So it’s a great place for unaccompanied childrens riding holidays .

Get ready! Ever wanted to trot along the beach, wind in your face, sea spalshing every were, no traffic, just you, your pride and joy and miles of space, amazing! Your beach horse riding holidays can be just like that at Orchard Farm riding holidays. Have 4 star holiday accommodation, balcony views of the some great landscapes and your horses padock and the added bonus of take your horse on holiday too! Take your horse on holiday and your horse will enjoy the best riding holiday on offer, we are british horse approved bed and breakfast for horses so you know for sure your horses holiday will be as comfortable as you. Orchard Farm horse riding holidays are approved by the british riding schools so you can hire our lovely horses knowing you’re  safe on your riding holiday.

Unaccompanied children/teenages are welcome on our unaccompanied childrens riding holidays. Teenages Look after there horse, groom, gallope on the beach, bring your horse on holiday with you, show jump, dressage, mounted games, what more could you want on a unaccompanied horse riding holiday!! Have peace of mind that your children are are safe as well as having a great unaccompanied teenages horse riding holiday. We are crb checked, equine specific first aid every thing is well taken care of on our childrens horse riding holidays. Get in touch now at Orchard Farm horse riding holidays, Skegness Lincolnshire for every thing equestrian, bring your horse on holiday, beach riding holidays, horse holidays, beach riding holidays, all at one great equestrian centre!

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