Travel Guide 101: Prohibited Activities in Lord Howe

Lord Howe Island off the east coast of mainland Australia is one of the most popular tourist spots across the world. And why not? Staying on this island encapsulates the entire idea of relaxation and leaving your worries behind. However, while this island is a great tourist destination, there are a number of activities which are not allowed here.

Over speeding

This statement may sound too much, but it is technically correct. Residents as well as tourists throughout the island are not allowed to go beyond 25 kilometers per hour using their vehicles. If you are going to this island, you better prepare to stretch your calves and muscles because biking is the main mode of transport. You can go to most populated locations throughout the island in just several minutes even on a bicycle.

Usage of Personal Watercraft

All the boats in Lord Howe Island were provided to make sure that they would not interfere with any processes in nature, as well as damage or destroy some of the island’s natural wonders. Because of this, it is highly discouraged to use your own watercraft when traveling around the island. If you insist, you should first acquire a permit from the authorities before you use your vehicle.

Hunting Some Animals

While catching fish is the primary industry in this island aside from tourism, hunting down animals in the forest are strictly prohibited. The entire island, including a few areas several kilometers away have been inscribed in 1982 as a World Heritage Site, which means natural resources and creatures within the area are protected by the UNESCO.

Camping Away from Populated Areas

You may have the thrill to go on camping with your friends in the mountains. Unfortunately, you would not be allowed to do so. The deep forests on the island have been preserved in order to preserve wildlife. Because of this, they have been managed to be become campsite venues for tourists.

Too Many People Are Not Allowed

With the number of permanent residents not exceeding 350, Lord Howe also limits the number of tourists and guests who are allowed to stay in the island at a given time. This will help them manage waste easier, and protect the island from getting damaged or exploited due to industrial activities.

Having a Vacation in Lord Howe Island

As you can see, this island is not just another ‘pretty face’ in the earth. The people who live here in cooperation with national and international entities make sure that the beauty of this island is preserved. If you want to spend some quality and relaxing time in an island where laidback kind of living is popular, you should start doing your research now.

Make sure you get as much information about the island as possible so you will be prepared once you reach the island. As long as you are able to book early, pick the right kind of accommodation, pack only the things you need, and keep away from prohibited activities, you will surely have the finest days of your life.

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